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Swollen and Painful Foot Completely Healed

A woman had a seriously swollen foot and was in pain when she walked. I commanded the swelling and pain to leave, then she told me that her foot started having a “cold sensation”. I was confused at first as I thought people usually would feel heat when healing occurred, not the cold sensation. She then told me "cold is good as that made her foot feel good as it helped to reduce the swelling.”

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Metal Disappears and a Husband and Wife Both Receive Physical Healing

A husband came up with his wife for prayer. He had pain in his elbow, pain in his ankle/foot (because a previous injury and metal), stiffness and pain in his shoulders and a problem with a heart valve. I asked the wife and the translator to pray for his shoulders. They loosened up and the pain left immediately. We started to pray for his ankle/foot. The first time the pain was cut in half. The second time we prayed, the pain almost left completely.

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Woman Touched by God on the Street

We went across the street and met Beverly. She had knee pain and broke her right foot which shot pain up her right leg. She had tripped in a hole on the street about a year ago. She said she was a Christian and believed in Jesus. We prayed for her and the pain left her leg, knees and foot. Then we prayed again for swelling to go down which we did not see anything visible to the eye, but she was feeling good. We prayed for Holy Spirit to come on her and increase in her .She started swaying back and forth and I held her up. We also prayed that God would bless her fruit stand.

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Healing of foot, heart, knee, and fibromyalgia

The Lord gave me a word of knowledge about someone having a heart problem and also a left foot problem. Afterwards, a lady came up to me who had both conditions. 

Categories: Oct GSSM 2017 Brazil, Physical Tags: Fibromyalgia, Foot Pain, Heart Problem, knee pain


Two Men Have Injuries to Left Foot & Ankle Healed

My word of knowledge this evening was pain in the left ankle and foot. Two young men came for prayer. First, George, 26, had injured his ankle two months earlier, playing soccer. I had him sit and remove his shoe. I placed my hand on his ankle and foot and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus’ name. George said it improved by 50 % when he tested the ankle. I had him sit again and prayed a second time, placing my hand on the ankle and foot. I prayed that all inflammation and pain leave, returning his ankle and foot to normal function in Jesus’ name. George got up all smiles and tested the ankle by walking around. He said it was totally healed and we praised Jesus!

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