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Inner Freedom and Healing of the Body

A women came forward and asked for prayer for her left breast that had been in constant pain for 4 years.  She was too afraid to go to the doctor.  I asked her if she struggled with fear in other parts of her life.  She said yes.  I said we need to take care of that spirit of fear first before the healing.  I asked her if she had any unforgiveness in her heart  toward anyone.  She said yes, her Papa who left her at a young age.  I told her it was important for her healing and deliverance to forgive as an act of her will. I also asked her if she had any curses placed on her.  She said yes.

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Asthma and Sinus Problems Healed Through Forgiveness

I prayed over my female interpreter who had asthma & sinus problems.  God told me she needed to forgive her grandpa for passing these conditions down to her, so I asked her if she could do that verbally outloud.  She immediately bent over crying.  Holy Spirit was all over her.  She then forgave him and we prayed and commanded the asthma & sinus problems to be gone.  Thanks be to God who then healed her!

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Healing of Abdominal Pain Happens Through Forgiveness

A woman came up to me with abdominal pain on the right side. It had just started that day. I prayed a couple of times with nothing happening. I thought to ask if she needed to forgive anyone. When the young translator discovered she needed to, he offered to lead her through a prayer of forgiveness instead of having her repeat after me. After he led her through that prayer, she reported that she was 100% pain free after forgiving!

Chaelee, Homemaker

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Lower Back Pain Healed

I had two women with lower back pain ask for prayer and so I prayed for both at the same time and asked the Holy Spirit to come. I asked Jesus to heal them and asked if either of them was feeling God touch them. One of them answered yes. I asked the other woman to wait a moment. She tested out and was 50% better. I prayed again and it got even better. Eventually it was 90% better then 100% better!

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Forgiveness Brings Healing to Right Shoulder

A woman came up after a word of knowledge for pain in the right shoulder was called. She had severe pain in her left shoulder and could not lift her arm half way above her. I prayed and blessed her arm three times. Nothing happened. She felt nothing. I asked about forgiveness. She mentioned a man’s name. It was very hard for her to forgive him. I encouraged her to just pray it out and I gave her the time she needed. After she was able to pray out forgiveness immediately she could lift her arm and the pain was gone. All was good!

– Christina, Housewife

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