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Forgiveness Leads to Healing of Arthritis

A lady came forward for prayer who had considerable pain at level 10/10 in her hands and feet caused by arthritis. I began to pray and she was evidently being powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit. 

Categories: Testimonies, Sept 2017 Brazil, Physical Tags: Arthritis, Forgiveness Issues


Forgiveness Sets Young Woman Free

A young girl asked us to pray for emotional healing and said that it was something she had felt for a long time. I asked her if there was someone she needed to forgive and she tearfully said yes. 

Categories: Testimonies, YPI 2017 Brazil, Physical Tags: Emotional Healing, Forgiveness Issues


Forgivesness Brings Inner & Physical Healing

God gave me a word of knowledge for ankles and a woman in her early twenties came for prayer. I prayed for her foot and commanded it to be healed in Jesus name but saw no effect as I had seen when I had prayed with others. 

Categories: Testimonies, UK Denmark 2017, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Ankles, Forgiveness Issues, Word of Knowledge


Word of Knowledge "Strangulation" Leads to Emotional Healing

A woman about 30 asked me in the morning ministry time if the man (Justin) who had given the word of knowledge about strangulation the previous evening was available. I told her he was preaching at another church that morning but would be back that evening. She said she couldn’t return that evening and asked if I would pray for her. 

Categories: Testimonies, UK Denmark 2017, Emotional, Spiritual Tags: Forgiveness Issues, Strangulation, Word of Knowledge


Woman Set Free when She Forgives

An elderly lady approached me and asked for prayer. Her list of illnesses was long – thyroid, sclerosis of the liver, diabetes, cholesterol, glaucoma and more. 

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2017, Emotional, Physical Tags: Cholesterol Issues, diabetes, Forgiveness Issues, Glaucoma, Sclerosis of Liver, Thyroid

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