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Hurting Woman Gets Transformed by Prayer and Forgiveness

The Global Awakening team at Iris Ministries in Pemba Mozambique went out to the “bush bush” on a three day outreach mission to the village of Namanhumbir. On the second day in the village, we went door to door in the afternoon, offering to pray for the sick. Villagers led us to the home of a woman, about 60 years of age, who was in great pain. She had debilitating pain and could not even stand. She had extremely thin legs and had pain in her stomach. The team prayed for her and shared encouraging words from God for her.

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A Woman's Countenance Completely Changes After Prayer and Encouragement

In the village of Namanhumbir, the Global Awakening mission team went door to door praying for the sick and sharing Christ. At one home we met a woman about 55 years old who had suffered severe debilitating pain for four years ever since she had been pushed at a party while dancing. Because of the accident, on shaky legs, she was able to stand for short periods of time to sweep her porch, but she was no longer able to venture out to the market or to work. She did not smile or make eye contact with the team members, but she gave a small nod “yes” to accept being prayed for. The team began to pray. A member of the Iris staff checked the length of the left leg and identified that because of the accident, her left leg was shorter. After about two minutes of prayer, asking God to strengthen the leg, the leg appeared to have grown, and we asked her to try to stand. She reluctantly tried and found she could stand.

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Deliverance and Forgiveness Bring Healing of Child

A lady came for prayer for her daughter who was suffering from demonic possession, epilepsy, self-harm and autism since age one. I went to ask other team members to help with the mom and child. She finally admitted to turning to the Muslim faith for prayer for her daughter. 

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Forgiveness Brings Healing to Left Shoulder

I prayed for a woman who said she had pain in her upper left shoulder. It improved after I commanded it to go in Jesus’ name. Upon questioning she said her shoulder was better, but it hurt under her arm close to the arm pit. I asked if the pain had moved from her shoulder to her arm, but she said no, she had also had pain there. She just hadn’t described the pain affecting that area when I first interviewed her. So I asked her if there was anyone who had hurt her that she might need to forgive and she immediately began to tear up. Her husband of 32 years had recently left her. 

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Inner Freedom and Healing of the Body

A women came forward and asked for prayer for her left breast that had been in constant pain for 4 years.  She was too afraid to go to the doctor.  I asked her if she struggled with fear in other parts of her life.  She said yes.  I said we need to take care of that spirit of fear first before the healing.  I asked her if she had any unforgiveness in her heart  toward anyone.  She said yes, her Papa who left her at a young age.  I told her it was important for her healing and deliverance to forgive as an act of her will. I also asked her if she had any curses placed on her.  She said yes.

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