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Set Free From Fear of Water

God blessed, touched and healed me in so many ways on this trip. I was set free from the fear of water, swimming (I almost drowned three times) and the inability to open my eyes under water. 

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Emotional Baggage Healed

God healed me of 10+ years of emotional baggage from fear and anxiety! I now know who I am in Jesus and His love for me! - Rebecca

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New Zealand - Fear & Shame Broken

Fear and shame had held me emotionally and physically. I had experienced the shame connected with still being on anti-psychotic medication. I also had a physical condition where I felt like vomiting which was caused by fear. Fear caused by being in an aeroplane that could have been in danger of crashing over the Tasmanian Sea (plane was diverted to another city) had held me. Today God set me free and healed me in every area. – Glenda

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Germany, Word of Knowledge, Shoulder and Neck Pain Healed

Word of Knowledge: Pain from the neck down the left side to shoulder blade.

A lady was hit in her head by a donkey. The pain went down her left side of neck to shoulder when she was young. I commanded the pain to leave and broke off the trauma. She was healed and the pain was gone.

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Germany - May 2013 -- Sweet Victory of Jesus in Woman's Life

Monday April 29, 2013
Nicoletta Sutter-Di Sario came and asked me to help pray for a woman. She was about 50 years old. She had a breast biopsy and was worried. I commanded the spirit of death and destruction to leave her as well as the spirit of fear.

Categories: Testimonies, Germany - April 2013 Tags: Freedom from fear, Spirit of Death, Sweet Presence of Jesus

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