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Total Turnaround from Torment to Peace

In the main church meeting with Randy calling the team down to pray for people, Sylvia and I encountered a young woman and her sister coming forward. The youngest of the sister's was VERY upset, nervous, tormented and expressed herself as being tormented. 

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Taiwan - Woman with Eating Disorder Receives Freedom

When Heidi called people up to pray for salvation, I kept seeing one young girl that no one had prayed for.  She stood motionless with her eyes closed, and periodically she would let out a piercing scream (I'm sure you guys heard it!).  To me it was obvious that she was demonized.  I was finally able to get to her, and took her hands.  She opened her eyes, but it really did not seem like she could see me.  She screamed in my face, and closed her eyes again. 

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Singapore - A Horrible Accident

I prayed for a couple who had been in a horrible accident in China while on a ministry trip. Both had been injured and many surgeries later they were still suffering enormously from pain and trauma. The wife was in a wheel chair after breaking both femur bones, all ribs, her wrist, her jawbone, the bone above her eye and other areas. The husband had a torn off shoulder, broken ribs and facial bones, torn sciatica, an injured back and an injured ankle. While praying for them, I broke off trauma and the memories of the accident impact. I blessed all their wounds and commanded healing into every area.

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