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Arthritis in Hand and Knees 80% Healed!

Today I pray for an old woman between the age of 70 or 80. She had arthritis in both knees and her left hand for a long time. We praised God for all the people He had healed.

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Family Touched by Hand of God

I got a word of knowledge from the stage regarding a father of a family suffering with leukemia. When ministry time began, I had already felt that I wanted to pray for a young bald woman and the elderly woman next to her.

Categories: Testimonies, Sept Brazil 2014, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Auto-immune system, Cancer, Depression, Emotional Healing, Hair Loss, Hand Pain, Infection of nerves


Honduras -- Pain in Hands Healed

Another young man who was an artist had pain in his hands and as I prayed over them all the pain left and he said they feel like they're covered with oil. -- Troy

Categories: Testimonies, Honduras 2013, Physical Tags: Hand Pain


Germany - Family Healed Physically, Spiritually & Emotionally

May 4, 2013

A family of five from a Gypsy background arrived in my area during worship. I sensed they were not Christian/Protestant, so I reached out to touch them with love, praying in the Spirit. They immediately responded with tears, joy and embraces. I felt a bond and open door with them.

Categories: Testimonies, Germany - April 2013, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Deliverance, Disabled Physically, Emotional Pain, Forgiveness of the Father, Hand Pain


Brazil - Severe Pain in Hands Assuaged

I prayed for an elderly man with severe pain in hands and inability to freely move fingers (stiffness and swollen). Five repeated command prayer sessions: No result on first two prayer sessions, then 30% better – 70% better – 100% better. He started feeling tingling and heat after second interview. ~Dave

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - March 2013, Physical Tags: Hand Pain

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