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Pain from Tumors Leaves & Tumors on Right Side Disappear

I had a word of knowledge about a tumor in the brain. The first one who came up to me, Bernardo, had this and also a growth in his right side by the size of two fingers (maybe an inch or so). The doctor had told him that this growth was related to the tumor in his brain. He said that there was going to be an operation, but the date was not yet set. He had headaches where the tumor in the brain was and also pain in his right side.  

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Forgiveness Leads to Healing of Stomach & Headaches!

Elaine came up for prayer for her blood condition, headache, and stomach pain. The interpreter was unable to be clear about what the problem was with her blood so I prayed the blood of Jesus. 

Categories: Testimonies, Sept 2017 Brazil, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Blood Issues, Headaches, Stomach Pain


Spiritual Interference Ends for Young Woman

I prayed for a woman who was responding to the word of knowledge I had given. She didn't have pain at the moment, but she said she felt as if God was telling her to come up. 

Categories: Testimonies, YPI 2017 Brazil, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Headaches, Spiritual Freedom, Word of Knowledge


Bipolar Man Healed

Toward the end of the evening a young couple with two small children came from the back of the room and motioned for me to come over.

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2016, Physical Tags: Bipolar, Headaches


Chronic Headaches Healed

A woman came with history of chronic headaches and was currently having pain in her left temporal area. During interview I learned she had these headaches for about 10 years but could not relate it to anything significant around that time. 

Categories: Testimonies, September Brazil 2016, Physical Tags: Headaches

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