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Emotional Issues Healed

A middle aged woman with pain near heart and a headache had this pain for 2 days. I prayed for her heart first, and she said pain in heart was gone. I prayed for her headache and she said the pain was completely gone in both heart and head. Another middle age lady had a headache for a long time. I prayed for her and she said she was completely healed. I said begin to praise Jesus; she began to praise Him and fell out. 

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Visit With Widow Creates Opportunities for Healing Prayer

Megan and I went with two widows to their homes. Megan brought fingernail polish and was able to have precious girl time with the widows and the girls in their families.

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Brazil - Heart Pain Healed and Breathing Restored

My translator Denise came at that time with an older woman said she was having shortness of breath and heart pain. I prayed for healing and the Lord gave me words of knowledge about love and that she is a mother to many. Her breathing became easier and her pain ceased and she confirmed that for 30 years had been taking care of kids.  ~Kelly

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Brazil - Pain around Heart Healed

A man in his mid forties came for prayer for pain around his heart.  He had this pain/condition for awhile.  It was very easy to pray for him.  He was ready to be healed.  I placed my hand over his heart and asked Jesus to heal him.  HE DID!  All the pain was gone.  The man was praising God, thankful for his healing and very joyful.  Tears of great joy!!! ~Steve

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Brazil - Heart, Back, Shoulder Pain Relieved

A woman asked for prayer for pain in her heart, back and shoulder as a result of falling 5 months ago. I prayed first for the pain in her heart. I had my translator ask if she felt anything. She said she felt heat. Then I prayed for her back pain to leave.

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - September 2012, Physical Tags: Back Pain, Heart Pain, Shoulder Pain

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