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Healing of foot, heart, knee, and fibromyalgia

The Lord gave me a word of knowledge about someone having a heart problem and also a left foot problem. Afterwards, a lady came up to me who had both conditions. 

Categories: Oct GSSM 2017 Brazil, Physical Tags: Fibromyalgia, Foot Pain, Heart Problem, knee pain


Heart Issues Healed

I prayed for another lady who has heart problems and she also had pain in her heart and a fast heartbeat. Her pain level was a ten. I prayed and she went down in the Spirit.

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2016, Physical Tags: Heart Problem


Man with Heart & Pancreatic Issues Healed 90%

I prayed for a man who had a bad heart for seven years. He was scheduled for heart surgery and could not lift his arms or move his shoulders without pain. His pancreas was also failing and had pain in his pancreas at the time.

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2016, Physical Tags: Heart Problem, Pancreatic Failure, Pancreatic Pain


Heart Problems Healed!


I had one woman who came for prayer because of heart problems that she had for the past two years. She had pain and felt her heart pounding. As soon as I started praying she began to cry and said she felt heat. After about ten minutes of praying she was 100 percent better. - Sophia 

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - October 2013, Physical Tags: Heart Problem


YPI - Irregular Heartbeat

One woman had a heart attack a while ago, causing her heart to beat irregularly now. The heart would beat very hard and fast then slow down enough to make her stop breathing. She had to hit her chest to be able to breathe again. I prayed for a regular hearbreat that could work on its own with no pain. She then felt a softer heartbeat, but still had trouble breathing. I continued to pray and soon she "felt light" and could breath easily with a normal softer heartbeat.

Categories: Testimonies, Youth Power Invasion 2012, Physical Tags: Heart Problem

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