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Multiple Diagnoses Healed!

An old man in his 80's came to me. His daughter said he was 90% deaf in both ears, had chest pain (enlarged heart, high blood pressure), back pain, and enlarged prostate. I prayed for his heart and he felt something. 

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Multiple Health Issues Healed by the Hand of God

I prayed for a man who had a torn rotator cuff, pinched nerve, sciatica in lower back and high blood pressure. I asked him if he was in pain in his shoulder and he said yes if he tried to raise his arm away from his side. 

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Brazil - Problem with Blood

A man wanted prayer for healing. Two years ago doctors discovered a problem with his blood. High pressure (he did not say blood pressure). Other symptoms (language barrier). His feet hurt all the time.Pain sometimes moderate, sometimes severe. We prayed. He experienced burning in his chest and veins throughout his body. All pain left his feet.

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Brazil - High Blood Pressure, Stressed Out, and Depressed

The last man I prayed for came up to me and didn't say anything and my translator said that he had high blood pressure and that he was depressed and stressed out. I look at my translator and say "how do you know? Are you like prophetic?" And he said back "he is my dad". Anyway I prayed for him, just imparting joy into his life, and I could tell God was lifting a lot of weight off his shoulders. Then he said he had pain in his left upper thigh and it was swollen, so I prayed for that and he said all the pain was gone. I thought we were done praying but then he says pray for my back because it hurts. At this point I wasn't even asking where the pain was coming from. I was in such healing mode that I knew God was going to heal him and interviewing him wasn’t necessary. Once I was done praying he said there was not a thing in his body that hurt. God showed up for sure!

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - October 2011 Tags: Depression, High Blood Pressure, Stressed


Brazil - High Blood Pressure, Eyesight, Neck Pain, Throat Cancer Touched

"Older lady with high blood pressure, which meant that tingling, was in her hands most of the day time and at night prevented her from sleeping well as they tingled constantly. After some time she was asked if she felt anything but the answer was no. Prayer for peace on her body and an end to the constant tingling brought about a reduction in the tingling of about 60%. After more prayer for peace, she was asked again how she felt and with an uncertain smile, she said the tingling had completely gone! However her countenance had noticeably changed into a peaceful one. Without a translator present a middle aged man came up with limited English. The sight in his right eye had been a problem for a number of years, so after laying on of hands over his eye, I asked how it was. He reported 80% improvement. He was asked if he wanted more, and after agreeing, hand was laid over his eye again. His response this time was not much had happened the second time, but he said it would be healed. He left smiling, but his elderly mum had stopped him going and requested prayer for a pain in the back of her neck. Hands were laid on her neck and I felt heat, I asked how she was doing and she tried to move the neck and indicated it was ok. Again she was asked if she wanted more, and after second time of praying, she moved her neck more freely, had a big grin on her face, and both mother and son, left with two big smiles on their faces. The man who was leading the mission and who I later found out was in charge of the meal back at the 24 hour prayer centre, had a cancerous growth on the right side of his throat. He knew it was witchcraft because of the work he was doing in the city. After praying directly over the spot where his growth was, I asked how he was. He replied that it felt better but he now had seen four angels touching him, one on the throat, one each at his left and right side and one at his right hand. We had to leave it as the team needed to leave."


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