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Jesus Heals in the Steak House

We were eating at a Brazilian steakhouse. There were four sweet girls who wanted to know why there were about 200 Americans there. So Maegan and I told them that we were there for Youth Power Invasion, and how we have been seeing Jesus heal people and come to know Him as their Lord and Savior. The one girl who was translating for us said she would love to come for her mom to be healed of her hip problem/pain. I told them I would let them know what church we were going to tomorrow, but we didn’t know what church we would be going to.

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Mother and Daughter Amazed at Healing

I prayed for a young girl in her 20's who had sickle cell anemia and had been diagnosed with a necrotic hip. She had been told she was going to have to have a hip replacement soon but she did not want to do that, especially because she was still young. Her pain was about 6. I placed my hand on her hip and prayed. The pain level decreased to 4. I prayed again, commanding all pain to be gone and for her complete health to be restored. When she moved her hip all the pain was gone. She asked if I could also pray for the pain in her groin area, also associated with the necrotic hip. I prayed and after she moved her leg again covered her mouth with her hands (like she was amazed) and said all the pain was gone. She was still standing with her hand covering her mouth a few minutes later as I was praying for her Mom.

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Multiple Healings; Overcome with Joy

I had three words of knowledge. The first was a pain in the left side of the mouth.  The second was pain in lower right back and hip.  The third was pain in my right calf.  This was my first time receiving words of knowledge.

The first woman who came up for prayer had a pain in her mouth. This was one of the words I shared from the stage.  She was healed 100%

The second woman who came up had a pain in her hip.  I prayed for her once and she felt better.   I prayed for her again and she felt no pain. 100% healed.

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Back & Hip Pain Goes. Effects of Witchcraft Broken!

At ‘Vida Nova”/”New Life” church, I gave a word of knowledge for “Pain in back and hips relating to uneven length of legs”. In my prayer line, I prayed for two persons with pain in back and hips, without them knowing if any leg was shorter than the other. They were both healed.

Then a young lady, whose name was ‘Paula’, came and reported severe pain in her back and hips and one leg was shorter than the other. 

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Woman with Severe Hip & Foot Pain Healed

While the smaller team was giving words of knowledge from the stage, one word was given about pain in the lower right side. I noticed a woman walking past me, probably coming from the restroom. She held her hand on her lower right side and seemed to be in pain. She sat down and did not go to the front, so I went to her and, with the help of an interpreter, asked her if she had pain in the lower right side. She answered yes. I encouraged her to go to the front in response to the word of knowledge, which she did.

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