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Impartation, Prayer Bring Inner Healing for Worshipper

After a rowdy and rousing worship session at the Church of His Presence, I ministered to a beautiful tall woman who had been singing on the worship team. I felt led to pray for her sense of worth and identity in Christ which seemed to touch her deeply. 

Categories: Testimonies, UK Denmark 2017, Emotional, Spiritual Tags: Identity in Christ, Impartation, Sense of Worth


Three Women Touched by Holy Laughter. Refreshing & Healing Comes

During the morning prayer session at the Four Square church, I had been feeling off balance and having difficulty concentrating. My eyes were swollen and I felt a lot of pressure behind my eyes, sinuses and forehead. 

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2017, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Difficulty Concentrating, Eyes Swollen, Impartation, Off Balance, Sinus Pressure


Healing of Tooth & Gums Reaps Blessing & Anointing!

We had ministered with Tom in a small church and then went to Christ church and arrived as Bill Johnson was finishing his sermon. We were in the café watching it stream when Bill mentioned the overflow rooms. Alison and I went into one. I had a word of knowledge for a pain the right side of the neck.

Categories: Testimonies, Denmark, England 2016, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Gum Pain, Impartation, Neck Pain, Power to Heal, Tooth Pain, Word of Knowledge


Forgiveness Opens Door For Impartation

A sweet girl came up and asked for impartation. I started praying but there was something blocking her from receiving. I asked if she needed to forgive anyone. She said that she needed to forgive her dad but didn't want to.

Categories: Testimonies, Sept Brazil 2014, Emotional, Spiritual Tags: Forgiveness Issues, Impartation


Young Believer Encouraged

In the public park, we made a divine connection with a young Brazilian man in his early 20’s dressed in a soccer jersey. He had two of his friends with him, but when we started to talk about Jesus his friends took off. 

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - December 2013, Spiritual Tags: Encouragement, Impartation

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