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Young Boy Walks for the First Time

A young boy who became paralyzed when he was infected with herpes when he was just a few days old began to move his legs and walk after two people prayed for him. His father was amazed saying that was the first time his sonever walked.

James, Finance

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After Many Years Woman Walks Without Crutches

This night I was preaching on the message “4 Kinds of Faith” and towards the end of the night a woman that was standing in the back of the church came running to the front holding her crutches up. 

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Man Walks After 10 Years

A man who was unable to walk and couldn't get up from a squatting position came for prayer. He had been unable to walk for over 10 years. After prayer, he was able to take a few steps.

Categories: Testimonies, Sri Lanka 2014, Physical Tags: Inability to Rise from Squatting Position, Inability to Walk