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Pregnant Woman With Migraines & Insomnia Healed & Saved

We were with Kim at a Church where they had very few people attend due to rain. When it was time to pray for healing a woman came up with her friend who said she was pregnant and had had a migraine for three days of along with insomnia. 

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Insomnia Leaves When Spirit of Witchcraft Cast Out!

A lass was brought to the conference by a friend and received prayer for insomnia. I felt (thought) witchcraft was involved. I cast out a spirit of witchcraft. She shivered and shook and felt a burden lift off.  Peace and tears followed.

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Mozambican Mama Healed of Headaches & Insomnia

We had gone out to the village Noviani to minister. There was a mamma who could not sleep. She had had a horrible headache for days on end. After praying for her and sharing God's love with her she was 100% healed and felt God's love all over her.

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Taiwan - Whole Family Restored

I prayed for a young family of three; mom, dad, and young son about 5 yrs old.  The little boy had a swollen and painful leg.  The dad hurt his leg in a bicycle accident and the mom had a sore neck and insomnia.  I prayed for the little boy first. He received complete healing within 3-4 minutes.  I prayed for the dad next and he too was completely healed within minutes.  The mom's neck was healed as well and I'm assuming since God quickly healed every other ailment that the insomnia was healed as well. ~Linda

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