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Healing of Knees, Eye & Head Pain Comes

I received a word of knowledge for left sharp or constant knee pain. Two people came up. One lady came up to me and said she had constant left knee pain for years. We prayed a couple times and her pain completely went away.


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Man's Knees Healed after Two Prayers

I was praying with a lady when my interpreter directed me to a man, probably in his 60’s who was sitting in a chair. The interpreter explained to me that the man had knee pain. I got down and place my hands on his knees. I prayed, commanding the pain to leave and never return. 

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Bump on Stomach Disappears and Knee Pain is Healed

A lady came up with a bump on her stomach (pain as well), a really swollen right knee, and osteoporosis. We commanded the pain to go and the swelling decrease and then asked her to try it out. She was able to move it a little more and it appeared as if the swelling was decreasing.

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Knee Pain Goes

The other guy we prayed for had knee pain. His knee pain was significantly improved and barely any pain was left, but he did not give me a percentage. After he walked around and was able to sit and come back up without pain he asked if we could pray for his leg to grow.  He said it felt different when he walked but he would not know for sure until he went home and took his shoes off.

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Knee Pain Leaves

A man came for prayer for knee pain from overuse in sports. I knelt and prayed for his knee and commanded pain to leave. It did. I blessed it with abundant life of the blood of Jesus and commanded healing. The man felt electricity all over his body.  – Teresa, musician

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