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Household Gets Touched and Healed on Outreach

We had a team of 4 people and a teacher from Vientes Fresca deliver food packages to people in the community near the school. We stopped at a house to ask where one of the addresses were and then asked the lady of the house if she needed prayer for anything. She had a cancer in her abdomen. She could feel it. We prayed and cursed it. She felt it go away. Then one of our team members kept praying for her and she went out in the spirit. She went out for several minutes, and afterwards she knew her cancer was totally healed.

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Curved Spine Gets Healed and Leg Grows Out

There was another young man that had medical records to show that he was born with a curved spine and one leg was shorter than the other.  I commanded the short leg to grow in Jesus name and it grew out.  Then I commanded the back to line up in Jesus name.  He said nothing is happening.  I told him that he would when he would go to bed that night. I heard cracking taking place….  The next day he said he was so excited that he could not sleep for two hours. His back was totally healed!

Nancy, Real Estate

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Leg Grows Out

I had a word of knowledge that God was healing kidneys. The first person that came to me had only 30% use of his kidneys from kidney disease. I prayed for him. He felt some relief, but only a blood test would prove complete healing.

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Man with Crippled Foot since Age 6 Has Leg Grow Out & Foot Healed


I had a word of knowledge for a man called Joseph or Jorge with a crippled left foot which he had since he was 6 years old. We couldn't see anyone putting his hands up during the service. 


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Leg Grows Out

An 11 year old girl, who was brought to the service by her aunt and she lives with her grandmother. She is deaf in her left ear, had very poor eyesight (she had to be about 2 feet from the TV to watch) and her right foot was 2cm shorter than her left. All due to a virus while she was in her mother’s womb. 

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