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Man's Sciatic Nerve Pain Healed!

I had a man come up to me who had pain in his sciatic nerve from his hip all the way down his left leg. I prayed for him by asking Holy Spirit to come, commanding all pain to leave his body and telling his nerves and bones that by the stripes of Jesus they were healed. 

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Pain in Leg Reduced 60 - 70 %

Marcel came walking painfully with a cane.  He had come on a walker two months ago when Blaine Cook had come.  At that time he had been healed enough to give up the walker and use a cane but still slowly and with great pain. 

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Sciatic Nerve Pain Dissipates!

At the conference in Brisbane, a lady came forward for prayer for pain going right down the sciatic nerve in her right leg. After inviting Holy Spirit to come and praying several times, all the pain gradually disappeared, starting from the foot and working upwards, right to the top of the leg.  Glory to God! – Heather 

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Repentance Leads to Healing of Multiple Types of Pain

Caitlin, 23, suffered from mild arthritis, sciatic pain in both legs, intermittent nerve pain going down her arms to her hands when picking up heavy objects and stress. She told me she had broken her collarbone when she was around seven or eight years old by falling from a swing while holding her toddler nephew on her lap. 

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Sciatica Leaves Completely!

A woman in her early twenties said she had been diagnosed with sciatica by her doctor about three weeks before, but nothing was helping. She had severe pain in her lower back, radiating down the back of her left thigh to her calf. 

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