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Woman Gains Strength and Movement Back into Her Leg

A lady with a twisted leg came for prayer accompanied by a friend. I laid hands on her leg and commanded the leg into its divine order how God has created it to be. I prayed for a creative miracle and a reset of all ligaments, muscles and bones back into alignment. I asked her to try something she could not do before and she stepped out of her shoe and curled her toes and said, “This I could not do before!” Thank you Jesus! I prayed another time and the leg just straightened up and was perfect. Wow! The lady was so astonished and her friend could not believe it. She could now move her leg, toes and feet perfectly!


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Power of the Holy Spirit Heals A Woman's Body

I prayed for a lady who had pain across the back of her shoulders, down the back, down the left leg and around the left knee. I laid hands on her shoulders and asked the Holy Spirit to come in power. She responded by trembling in her shoulders, then shaking through her whole body, then jumping. I thought this would be causing her pain but she was smiling and jumping up and down violently until she finally collapsed on the floor. The smile on her face told the story. She got up completely without pain.

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Man with Intense Leg Pain is Totally Healed

A man named Roberto came to be prayed for. He asked for healing of his right knee. The doctors could not help him take away pain or swelling. His pain level was 9. As I prayed, calling on Holy Spirit, his leg began to shake. He also began to bend over and was in tears. He was having difficulty standing for a while.

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Woman Touched by God on the Street

We went across the street and met Beverly. She had knee pain and broke her right foot which shot pain up her right leg. She had tripped in a hole on the street about a year ago. She said she was a Christian and believed in Jesus. We prayed for her and the pain left her leg, knees and foot. Then we prayed again for swelling to go down which we did not see anything visible to the eye, but she was feeling good. We prayed for Holy Spirit to come on her and increase in her .She started swaying back and forth and I held her up. We also prayed that God would bless her fruit stand.

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Man's Sciatic Nerve Pain Healed!

I had a man come up to me who had pain in his sciatic nerve from his hip all the way down his left leg. I prayed for him by asking Holy Spirit to come, commanding all pain to leave his body and telling his nerves and bones that by the stripes of Jesus they were healed. 

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