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Woman with TMJ, Fibromyalgia & a Migraine Healed

A teacher had a migraine headache, TMJ and fibromyalgia. She was 80 percent healed of pain. After further questions it came out that the symptoms were worse at work when she was under stress. After I prayed for the peace God, she was she was slain in the Spirit and got up saying she was completely better, including being able to open her mouth normally. – Carolyn

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Migraines Healed

At Pier 49 church I prayed for a young woman who spoke pretty good English. She suffered from migraines. I put my hand on her forehead.

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Hip, Head, Knee Pain and Hearing Healed!

A woman in her 50’s came up for prayer for pain in her right knee. She also had pain in her left hip but was feeling heat in the hip. 

Categories: Testimonies, September 2015 Brazil, Physical Tags: Hearing Problem, Hip Pain, Knee pain, Migraine


Casting Burden Away, Receiving God's Love Brings Healing!

A man came forward for prayer for a migraine he had had for two weeks. Holy Spirit told me he had stress and was carrying a burden. He released the burden and I released God's love and healing. Tears came down and his healing began. I just kept releasing God's love and told him how much God loved him. When I finished praying his migraine was gone. Amen!

Categories: Testimonies, Singapore 2014, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Migraine, Release of Burden


Sweden/England - Migraines Healed

A lady asked for prayer for migraines which were the result of a work accident. (She was not having a headache at the time.) I prayed to break off shock/trauma from the accident and commanded migraines, recurring body pain and memories of the accident to leave. She said she felt a tremendous sense of peace and she looked joyful and very relaxed as she left. - Brenda 

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