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Healing & Deliverance from Addiction & Migraines

A teenager came to me HIGH on marijuana wanting to get rid of the addiction (I didn't know his two buddies in the same condition were next in line) I was immediately reminded of how awesome our God is. This kid is HIGH. God drew him and his buddies to the church and in line for prayer) Jesus!! I will admit, God did mess up his high. He came back to me about 30 minutes later SOBER asking how I knew about the motorcycle I mentioned. As I explained why God gave me that detail, he was in awe.

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Forgiveness & Deliverance Bring Healing of 10 Years of Migraines & Body Pains!

I saw a lady, Selma, just standing by herself surrounded by empty chairs near the back of the hall. I saw no manifestation of the Holy Spirit on her. I went over to her and she seemed ok for me to pray over her. 

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Pregnant Woman With Migraines & Insomnia Healed & Saved

We were with Kim at a Church where they had very few people attend due to rain. When it was time to pray for healing a woman came up with her friend who said she was pregnant and had had a migraine for three days of along with insomnia. 

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Migraine Headache Leaves

A young gal named Angela came to me for prayer. She suffered from migraines and was currently experiencing head pain. 

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Sweden/England - Word of Knowledge for Head & Eye Pain

This lady's story fit the word of knowledge of the pain in my head and behind my eye. She was encouraged by the word of knowledge. She wanted prayer for migraines and other symptoms associated with a tumor attached to the back of her eye. 

Categories: Testimonies, Sweden/England - March 2013, Physical Tags: migraines, Tumor behind eye, Word of Knowledge