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Nearsighted Eyes Healed & Vision Clears!

I prayed for a 17-year-old girl who had been wearing glasses for 10 years because of being nearsighted. I shared with her and the interpreter the testimony of a previous Brazil trip where I had prayed for a young girl who had gained her eye sight back and did not have to wear glasses anymore.

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Nearsighted Eyes Healed!

Two ladies came up for prayer and one of them knew a little English and it sounded like she had a problem with her pituitary gland and had arthritis in her wrist. I prayed a commanding prayer for both problems and asked her about it. 

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Vision Corrected. Stomach Pain Leaves!

A 14 year old girl named Nicola had stomach pain for more than three months and was near-sighted. Both eyes would start to water and make it hard to read fine print. I prayed petition prayers for the eyes to be healed. 

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Emotional Issues Healed

A middle aged woman with pain near heart and a headache had this pain for 2 days. I prayed for her heart first, and she said pain in heart was gone. I prayed for her headache and she said the pain was completely gone in both heart and head. Another middle age lady had a headache for a long time. I prayed for her and she said she was completely healed. I said begin to praise Jesus; she began to praise Him and fell out. 

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Vision Problems Since Birth, Teen Has Sight Healed!

A 15-year-old boy came for prayer for his eyes. He had had bad sight since birth. He was nearsighted in one eye, was farsighted in the other and wore glasses. 

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