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Tumor on the Neck Disappears

As I was praying for people up front, a young lady was waiting patiently for prayer. I got to her and this young lady began to explain that she had a non-malignant tumor. She describes it as a large mass on the left side of her neck. This mass was the size of a ping-pong ball. I did a 4 second prayer saying, “Be healed in Jesus name.” I asked her to check her neck and she frantically searches her neck. She screams and says, “It’s the size of a pea!” I pray another 4 second prayer and Jesus heals her neck 100%!

Bryant, Student

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Tumors on Neck & Breast Dissolve With Concentrated Prayer!

I prayed for a young girl who had two tumors, one the size of a small plum on the left side of her neck behind her ear and one on her right breast about the same size. The one on her neck kept her from turning her neck to the side.

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