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Demonized Woman Set Free From Occult

I had a word of knowledge in Düsseldorf of a red car, accident and woman. She came to me for prayer. She was demonized and wanted to be delivered. 

Categories: Testimonies, Germany 2015, Spiritual Tags: Demonized, Occult, Red Car, Word of Knowledge


Nigerian Man Set Free From Curses

My word of knowledge was that something was wrong in the jaw area that might affect speech. Immediately a Nigerian man in a business suit came forward. 

Categories: Testimonies, Germany 2015, Spiritual Tags: Acid Reflux, Bugs, Dark Dreams, Excess Saliva, Occult, Word of Knowledge


Word of Knowledge Leads to Deliverance & Healing

I received a word of knowledge for a pain in the left side of the head along with dizziness. I had a very troubled woman in her 40s come to me with these symptoms. I prayed initially for healing from the pain and dizziness. 

Categories: Testimonies, Germany 2015, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Afflicting Spirit, Dizziness, Forgiveness, Head Pain, Occult


Deliverance Brings Confidence in Knowing Identity

During ministry time Wednesday in the morning, one of the translators, Maria, ask me to go into the room in the back to do deliverance. When I got there I sat down next to the girl who wanted deliverance and asked her what was going on.

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2015, Emotional, Spiritual Tags: Deliverance, Depression, Fear, Occult, Self-pity, Suicidal Thoughts, Witchcraft


Deaf Ears Opened


A teen girl was partially deaf in both ears and she had anxiety attacks. Her friend told us that people have to yell at her to get her to hear them. We prayed at first for peace from the anxiety attacks. 

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - October 2013, Physical Tags: anxiety, Deaf Ear(s), occult

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