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Words of Knowledge in a Sport's Store

We went into a sports store in the mall and the Lord gave a word of knowledge about a woman’s back, which He healed. Also prayed for God to heal her broken heart over the recent loss of both her parents. Another guy who worked in the store was eager for prayer, but proudly proclaimed he was in perfect health. Megan got a word of knowledge that he was looking for a wife, to which he vigorously assented, so we prayed for that. 

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Arthritis in Left Shoulder Totally Healed

Maulo, a quiet 30-year-old man with arthritis in his left shoulder came for prayer. I laid hands on his shoulder, prayed for healing and for the Holy Spirit to touch him. Maulo felt peace. I saw this picture for him. Jesus was on the cross over Mother Mary and Saint John and I heard Jesus say, “Maulo, I hand over and dedicate to you care of my mother. Like I could commit to John the most precious of mine, I can dedicate to you the most precious of mine. You are my brother, my beloved, in whom I´m well pleased”. Maulo cried a lot from then on. We checked out several times the pain in the shoulder, which decreased each time and eventually was totally gone. I then prayed for impartation to bring revival - to heal the blind, the deaf, the lame, raise the dead and extend salvation. Maulo was very touched and grateful in his own quiet way.

– Helene 

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Arthritis & Associated Pain Healed! All Movement Restored!

I prayed for an elderly woman who suffered from arthritis pain in her wrists and shoulder. I rebuked the arthritis and commanded pain to leave. 

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Brazil - Arm Pain and Numbness

"A woman, 40 years old had numbness in her left arm and hand, and pain in right shoulder. She felt heat in her arm and she received healing in her arm."


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Kathmandu/Nepal Woman Crazy for 10 years

A woman had been crazy for 10 years. She even spent 22 days in the jungle. Tonight, she came in with pain in her shoulders and legs and her head. After prayer, she is completely healed now. She could not bend over before, and now she can. She had a lot of pain in her back, and now she does not have any. Now she has peace in her heart. She is rejoicing because God has healed her. Her mind is free. Thank You, Jesus!

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