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Man with Parkinson's Healed!

A man came to us and asked us to pray for him. He said he had Parkinson’s disease. He also said he was about to get surgery to put a stimulant in his arm muscles so his brain could function properly.

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Parkinson's Disease Healed After 10 Years

A woman in her 60s came forward for prayer. She was shaking from Parkinson 's disease. We prayed and peace came into her body. Only her left hand and forearm were still shaking.

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YPI - Symptom of Parkinson's Subside

I prayed for a woman who wanted healing from Parkinson’s disease. This really stuck out to me because earlier when Randy was preaching, he shared a testimony of a time when he prayed and a woman was healed of the same disease.

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Brazil - Broken Heart, Parkinson's, Diabetes Healed

"One lady come for prayer, she had a broken heart. Prayed afterward she cried and filled her. She smiled and said she felt different. Prayed for man whose hands were shaking very bad. Head hung over, not looking up. His wife got me to pray for Parkinson’s, then prayed for diabetes. Interpreter said he was healed after prayer, the man felt something lift off. His right hand stopped shaking; he looked up, and could speak and told interpreter he was going because he did not need any more prayer."


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Singapore - Woman with Parkinson's

In between services, a woman named Carolyn saw my name tag and thought because we have similar names, I should pray for her. She was with her Muslim caregiver and her young daughter. Carolyn was suffering from Parkinson’s. As I prayed for her after the interview, I bound and cursed the disease and diagnosis, and then we waited on the Lord. I said repeatedly, “Jesus loves you,” and spoke a blessing over the cells and neurons in her brain. As I did this, she reported having a clear vision of green and white wires touching one another in her brain along with extreme heat on either side of her head. Her shaking, which had been rather severe, stopped! As I blessed her in Jesus’ name, thanked Jesus for what he was doing and spoke the Shalom of God over her, her shaking discontinued. Neither her daughter nor her caregiver had ever seen this, even with meds. I shared Jesus with the caregiver, and she was laughing and smiling. The daughter was in tears and rejoicing as was Carolyn. I remained with hands laid on her for about 20-30 minutes more. She left with all shaking gone. I asked her to report to the church how she is doing.

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