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Word of Knowledge "Pregnant Woman with Separated Pelvis" Brings Healing

Randy had us come up in front of a crowd of 3,000 to give words of knowledge at Igreja da Cidade. Earlier on the bus journey I had the word “pelvis” pop into my mind. I hadn’t been thinking about words of knowledge or any part of the body. It just came out of nowhere so I made a note of it.

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Back, Leg, Pelvic, Abdominal Pain Go When Forgiveness Flows!

One woman I prayed for was about 48. She said she had pelvic/abdominal pain and low back pain with pain running down her legs. She told me the doctor had said she was experiencing pre-mature menopause.

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Pains Go While Woman Rests in the Spirit

A lady approached me and said she had so much pain in her head, back, pelvis and legs. I asked her what the doctor said those pains were. She said the doctor didn't know. 

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Pelvic Aneurysm Healed!

I was praying for this lady without an interpreter and I just hugged her and asked the Holy Spirit to come while I looked for an interpreter. One came over and as I turned around, the lady was walking away. 

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