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Words of Knowledge in a Sport's Store

We went into a sports store in the mall and the Lord gave a word of knowledge about a woman’s back, which He healed. Also prayed for God to heal her broken heart over the recent loss of both her parents. Another guy who worked in the store was eager for prayer, but proudly proclaimed he was in perfect health. Megan got a word of knowledge that he was looking for a wife, to which he vigorously assented, so we prayed for that. 

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Young Woman Set Free From Demonic Curse

A woman in her 20’s had received a curse from her father who was a witch.  Her mother had died from the same curse and just before she died, she had terrible pain in the base of her skull, just like this girl had recently been experiencing.  She also had pain in her head, her neck, chest, and arms and legs.  Demons had visited her in the night and she had started talking to them before she knew better. She knew she was demonized and was seeking help.

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Healing and Salvation for A Whole Household

As we went from home to home in the bush bush the next day after the Jesus film was shown, we encountered a big group of mamas and children and even a few men were there too. One of the mamas said we needed to pray and bless her first so we did. We honored her, blessed her and prayed for healing for her arm that was swollen and in pain and her legs. God healed her!

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Pain from Endometrioses Surgery 100% Gone

I gave a word of knowledge for women who are unable to have babies. A woman name, Annalice, had a surgery for endometrioses. The pain was great. She had the diagnoses for seven years.

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Physical Healing Opens Door to Salvations On Bush Outreach

When we were on the outreach in the bush, we went out in the village to share the gospel. We went to one hut where a lady had been sick for two weeks. She was in agonizing pain and could hardly walk out of the hut to get prayed for.

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