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Elderly Woman Gets Saved & Her Eyesight Restored!

We were going hut to hut for evangelism in bush-bush. We stopped by and older mama’s house and she wanted to know Jesus and had really bad eye sight. Well, she got saved (just THAT EASY!) and we prayed for her eyes. We were a group of white Iris visitors, Iris Bible School pastors and an interpreter.

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Young Man's Eyesight Healed! Admits Jesus Healed Him!

This morning, after Paul taught, Alison and I went into the balcony to minister. There were a group of guys up there who wanted prayer but didn't speak English. Fortunately my catcher could translate. 

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Leg Grows Out

An 11 year old girl, who was brought to the service by her aunt and she lives with her grandmother. She is deaf in her left ear, had very poor eyesight (she had to be about 2 feet from the TV to watch) and her right foot was 2cm shorter than her left. All due to a virus while she was in her mother’s womb. 

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