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Vision Restored in Right Eye

I was led to pray for someone with a hurting thumb or wrist.  No one with that affliction came to me.  Instead, I prayed with a man who couldn’t see out of his right eye.  Without an interpreter, I was able to learn that his vision was at a “1.”  We prayed over and over again.  I used a few phrases of Portuguese and kept affirming this sweet man.  Each time we checked on his vision it was better.  He wanted to stop praying when we reached “9.”  He hugged me and made a motion like he was going to break his glasses and throw them away.  Then we said goodbye.  God is good.

Ryan, Pastor

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Young Man’s Eyesight Healed!

A man about 19 needed prayer for his right eye. When he was a child some metal entered just below the eye and caused about 80% of vision to be lost. I shared how people had seen metal disappear from their bodies and that this could happen to him also. 

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Tumor Behind Eye Healed

In the morning service, I prayed for Pastor Seyome who is approximately 40 years old and ICP Pastor. She reported having an inoperable tumor behind her right eye for the past 6 years. I prayed for her 4-5 times. 

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Brazil - Right Eye Disease

A young man came up with a right eye disease. The translator did not have a name for it. It felt like his eye was always being sucked into his head when he blinked or closed his eyelid. It was very red. We prayed three times for it. On the third prayer he felt heat on his eye. It was very hot. He said it suddenly stopped. He also had equilibrium problems and knee pain in both knees for years. Both of these were also healed with his eye.

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Nepal/India 2011: Blind in Right Eye

Blind eye! This one went really slowly. This old woman also had a headache and high blood pressure. She could see OK out of her left eye, but her right eye was blind, she couldn’t see anything! Initially after praying awhile, she said no change. After spirits/curses broken off and more prayer it looked like the eye was unchanged, but I asked about the headache. That got better, and eventually she could see just a little in the right eye. I prayed for healing of the heart and circulatory system, repair of damage, renewal of tissues, etc. After a long process, including where she could see but not quite as well as desired, she was completely healed! (Presume both eyes the same at that point).

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