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Persistent Prayer Heals Back and Sciatica

A lady in her 40's came who had been suffering 7-8 years from back pain and sciatica. It went the whole way up to her neck and down into her left leg. She had fallen down the stairs at her church, hitting her head and injuring her back. I did initial prayers commanding alignment and healing of her spine, and for scar tissue to disappear. She had some improvement, but most of it still remained.

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Abdomen Pain, Herniated Lumbar, and Sciatica Completely Healed in Minutes

I prayed for a young lady who was having pain in the lower right abdomen for about two months. Pain would come and go. She was experiencing the pain since the morning and it sounded like it was her appendix. I prayed once and she reported a sensation of heat but was still in pain. I prayed again and she was 100% healed!

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Sciatica Pain Gone

My word of knowledge was sciatica back pain that goes down to the legs. The first woman I prayed for had been in a motorcycle accident three years prior. She had constant back pain, 10 out of 10 when I started praying. I started praying by commanding the back pain to decrease in Jesus’ name. It went down to an 8. 

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Herniated Disc & Sciatica Healed

A woman reported having a herniated disc and sciatica. When her medication wears off she is at a 10/10 on the pain scale, and she was about 45 minutes from her next dose of pain medication. She could only stand briefly even when medicated. When asked to demonstrate how far she could bend, she could barely bend over at all. I prayed for her and then asked her to try bending again.  Her face was shocked to discover that she could bend down and touch her toes without any pain!

– Lisa 

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Sciatica Leaves Completely!

A woman in her early twenties said she had been diagnosed with sciatica by her doctor about three weeks before, but nothing was helping. She had severe pain in her lower back, radiating down the back of her left thigh to her calf. 

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