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Pain in the Hip Goes!

A woman with scoliosis, metal in her hip and pain in the hip came forward for prayer. I prayed for the hip and the pain disappeared. She tried to walk a couple of times and felt the she walked a little better. I prayed for the scoliosis without any visible signs of anything happening.

– Torsten 

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Young Woman Healed of Scoliosis!

My husband and I prayed for a girl in her 20's who had scoliosis.  We were both able to give testimonies of having seen God do significant healing for two other young adults with scoliosis and then we prayed for her.  

Categories: Testimonies, Sept 2017 Brazil, Physical Tags: Back Pain, Scoliosis


Pain from Scoliosis, Fibroids & Leg Pain Leaves After Prayers!

A young woman had fibroids, scoliosis, and pain in her leg and all down her spine. I had given a word of knowledge about pain in the stomach, and she said that was her fibroids. 

Categories: Testimonies, Guyana 2017, Physical Tags: Back Pain, Fibroids, Leg Pain, Scoliosis, Word of Knowledge


Woman & Son Traumatized by Abuse

A young woman asked us to pray for her scoliosis and for her son who is three years old. He is very aggressive and has many physical ailments.

Categories: Testimonies, Colombia 2017, Emotional, Physical Tags: Physical Ailments, Scoliosis


Scoliosis Pain Goes!

I prayed for scoliosis in a young lady. She was at a level 8 for pain. We prayed about four times and each time her pain decreased. The last time I had the girl behind her place her hand on the young lady's back. She was her friend. 

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2016, Physical Tags: Scoliosis

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