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Severed Nerve in Leg Healed. Salvation Comes during Altar Call

I prayed for a guy with a severed nerve in his right leg. This was caused by a motor bike accident. His foot had no strength in it and would just flop out because there was not control. 

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2017, Physical Tags: Metal in Leg, Salvation, Severed Nerves


A Night of Healing for Mother & Son

A mother brought her son with birth defects for prayer. He said that God had touched his legs during the main service when Randy was ministering. His right arm, hands, and both ankles and feet were deformed.

Categories: Testimonies, September 2015 Brazil, Physical Tags: Back Pain, Birth Defects, Deformed Arm, Deformed Feet, Deformed Hands, Severed Nerves