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Mother and Daughter Amazed at Healing

I prayed for a young girl in her 20's who had sickle cell anemia and had been diagnosed with a necrotic hip. She had been told she was going to have to have a hip replacement soon but she did not want to do that, especially because she was still young. Her pain was about 6. I placed my hand on her hip and prayed. The pain level decreased to 4. I prayed again, commanding all pain to be gone and for her complete health to be restored. When she moved her hip all the pain was gone. She asked if I could also pray for the pain in her groin area, also associated with the necrotic hip. I prayed and after she moved her leg again covered her mouth with her hands (like she was amazed) and said all the pain was gone. She was still standing with her hand covering her mouth a few minutes later as I was praying for her Mom.

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Mall Security Guard Gets Healed

We went to the mall. As I waited outside one of the many stores I tried to encourage myself by affirming that some things in life were worse than shopping. A poke in the eye with a sharp stick, for example, would possibly be worse… The Lord gently suggested that perhaps I should pray, so I prayed for divine appointments. Soon after that a security guard stopped a few feet from me and grimaced as he massaged and tried to move his right shoulder. Able to discern the obvious, I asked him if his shoulder hurt. He said yes and I told him Jesus loves him and asked if I could pray for him.

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Household Gets Touched and Healed on Outreach

We had a team of 4 people and a teacher from Vientes Fresca deliver food packages to people in the community near the school. We stopped at a house to ask where one of the addresses were and then asked the lady of the house if she needed prayer for anything. She had a cancer in her abdomen. She could feel it. We prayed and cursed it. She felt it go away. Then one of our team members kept praying for her and she went out in the spirit. She went out for several minutes, and afterwards she knew her cancer was totally healed.

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Shoulder Pain from Soccer Injury Healed

I received a word of knowledge concerning shoulder pain. A young man came up and said he had been hit hard while playing soccer and could not move his shoulders and raise his arms. I prayed and asked Jesus to come in and heal him. I asked him to align the body and remove inflammation. The commanded the body to be free from any of the trauma. He could move his arms up and down as well as move his back and shoulders.

– Jed 

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Great-grandmother's Healing Opens Door for Ten to be Saved

Our team went out for evangelism with some Brazilian believers to the favelas (the slums/poor area) in their church neighborhood. As we walked and ministered to people in the streets, we were welcomed into one home. There were four generations of family living there together. 

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