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Shoulder Pain from Soccer Injury Healed

I received a word of knowledge concerning shoulder pain. A young man came up and said he had been hit hard while playing soccer and could not move his shoulders and raise his arms. I prayed and asked Jesus to come in and heal him. I asked him to align the body and remove inflammation. The commanded the body to be free from any of the trauma. He could move his arms up and down as well as move his back and shoulders.

– Jed 

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Great-grandmother's Healing Opens Door for Ten to be Saved

Our team went out for evangelism with some Brazilian believers to the favelas (the slums/poor area) in their church neighborhood. As we walked and ministered to people in the streets, we were welcomed into one home. There were four generations of family living there together. 

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Woman Healed of Joint Pain

We prayed for a lady who had pain in all of her joints, especially her right shoulder from an abusive husband. She struggled with sleeping on her side because of the pain. After prayer, she had no pain anywhere in her body. Glória Deus. She was very happy. – Ryan 

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Root of Issue Found, Shoulder Problem Healed!

An old lady walked up to me and her name was Caroline. She had pain on her shoulder, so I began to pray. When I finished, not much progress had happened. 

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Long-Term Shoulder Pain Healed

 Marilyn, 58, suffered from pain in the left shoulder for more than seven years and in her right shoulder for two years. When she would try to sleep at night, both hands would become numb, the left being the worst.

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