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Effects of Stroke & Throat Pain Healed

During ministry time at the end of the evening healing session led by Tom Jones, I gave a word of knowledge about throat pain and trouble swallowing. Afterwards, I prayed for a few people who came for healing. The first was a lady who had had a stroke and since then had wooziness and dizziness in her mental alertness and vision.

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Woman with Damaged Speech Center in Brain Speaks Correctly

A family came for prayer for the mother who was 80 years old. The son-in-law spoke good English and explained that his mother-in-law had a stroke several years ago. She couldn't talk right.

Categories: Testimonies, October GSSM Brazil 2016 Tags: Speaking Difficulties, Stroke


Woman Crippled by Stroke Healed & Given New “’Pep’ in Her Step”!

During The Awakening Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, our team had the honor of serving in their healing room during the 5pm – 7pm break. On Friday evening, Linda and I sat across from a lady in her late 60’s who had a look of despair and hopelessness. We asked several questions to find out what she would like prayer for.

Categories: Testimonies, Denmark, England 2016 Tags: Anger, Depression, Leg Pain, Paralysis from waist down, Paralysis Healed, Paralysis on Left Side, sadness, Stiff Leg, Stroke


Effects of Stroke Healed After Two Years

I prayed for Mete, an older woman who had a brain hemorrhage and stroke affecting the left side of her body. She had not been able to walk for 2 years and was using crutches. Her daughter was with her.

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2014 Tags: Brain Hemorrhage, Stroke


Voice Restored 100%

I was blessed to pray for a pastor who had problems with his voice after suffering a small stroke and heart attack. It was difficult for him to speak on his own. After praying for this man he told me his voice was 100% improved. His wife had brought him to me for prayer so she could speak on his behalf.

Categories: Testimonies, Singapore 2014 Tags: Heart Attack, Stroke, Voice Restored

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