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Throat Pain Disappears After Two Prayers

A woman had pain in her throat constantly for over a year. I prayed once and commanded the pain to go. She said the pain went from a 10 to an 8. I prayed again and commanded the pain to go and the pain completely disappeared. – Katrina, student

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Effects of Stroke & Throat Pain Healed

During ministry time at the end of the evening healing session led by Tom Jones, I gave a word of knowledge about throat pain and trouble swallowing. Afterwards, I prayed for a few people who came for healing. The first was a lady who had had a stroke and since then had wooziness and dizziness in her mental alertness and vision.

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Throat & Chest Pain Healed in the Name of Jesus!

A woman with a pain in her throat and chest came forward for prayer. She had this condition for two months. We ask the Lord to remove anything which was blocking her from receiving her healing. The throat pain went away and she was 90% better. I prayed for the chest to be filled with the breath of God. I commanded the chest pain to go in the name of Jesus, and she immediately was healed.

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Bitterness Goes, Healing of Stomach & Throat Comes

A teammate and I prayed for a woman who, for the past five years, had been having throat and stomach pain and had been extremely stressed the past few months. Following the 5-step prayer model, I asked if any major event had taken place before the pain started. 

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Breathing, Legs & Throat Healed After Many Years of Pain

An older woman came for prayer. She was not able to breathe well, had pain in both legs and had a burning pain in her throat. She said that she had had the pains for many years. There was expectancy in the small room and the presence of the Holy Spirit was tangible. 

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