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Sense of Smell Restored, Sciatica Healed!

A woman named Victoria came for prayer. She had lost her sense of smell about four years ago from pesticides in her yard. She also had pain from her hip all down her leg to her little toe on the left side.

Categories: Testimonies, Nigeria 2016 Tags: Foot Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Loss of sense of smell, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Toe Pain


Family Experiences Multiple Healings

On a treasure hunt we met a man with a horse on his shorts and started talking to him. He was in the military and had broken his back in a fall. He also had severe pain in his toes. We prayed and the pain in his back went from a 4 to a 0. 

Categories: Testimonies, Columbia 2014 Tags: Back Pain, Broken Rib, Knee pain, Shoulder Pain, Toe Pain, Treasure Hunt


Taiwan - Big Toe Regains Mobility

A girl broke her toe and had surgery a few days ago. She was not able to move her big toe. After we prayed she felt much better, almost all pain left and she was able to move her toe! ~Philipp

Categories: Testimonies, Taiwan Cambodia/China - February 2013 Tags: Toe Pain


Brazil - Toes Healed Through Word of Knowledge

Five people at Verbo Vivo Responded to the word of knowledge about a toe in the right foot with pain. I had about five others line up for other things, mainly pain. Personally I didn't sense the Lord's presence at all, felt totally detached and offline spiritually. I started by praying short 10 second prayers and was very puzzled and amazed when every one of them got healed, just like that! I had to check a few times in the beginning to believe it was actually that simple and quick. Thank you Jesus. It's all about you! ~Susanna

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - December 2012 Tags: Toe Pain


Mozambique - Four Ladies Encounter God

I saw four ladies sitting on the mat on the sand. I sat with them, smiled and then they smiled back.  I again smiled to them and they smiled again too.  After that we all giggles and laughed, because we didn't know how we would be able to understand each other but yet wanting to.  Then I said, Ning pointing to myself and they do the same too.  Then I asked them if they wanted prayer for sickness trying to explain it to them by action. I ask them if they had pain in the stomach and I tried to dramatize it to them. 

Categories: Testimonies, Mozambique - November 2012 Tags: Back Pain, Chest Pain, Stomach Pain, Toe Pain

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