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Tumors Shrink and Years of Neck Pain Gone

A woman had a tumor in her head. When the Holy Spirit touched her deeply, she fell down and the Holy Spirit overshadowed her with joy and peace. When she stood up, she said with light in her eyes and joy, “I’m healed!” All her dizziness and pain that she felt before was gone!

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Cyst (Tumor) behind Ear Dissolves with Prayer

At Igreja da Cidade I had a word of knowledge about a cyst or tumor behind an ear. A young lady came to me with a growth behind an ear, tucked into the muscles of her neck. The growth didn’t protrude from the neck but could be felt under the skin. I prayed and asked her to check. The growth was still there, but she said it was now very painful. I asked if it was painful or if she was feeling heat, and she replied that she was feeling heat. 

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Cancerous Tumor on Wrist Disappears!

One girl I prayed for had cancer in her wrist. She had a grape sized lump that restricted movement and caused pain through her fingers hand and wrist. I prayed for her and all the pain left and the lump left and she regained full mobility. – Jordan, student

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Tumor Behind Eye Healed

In the morning service, I prayed for Pastor Seyome who is approximately 40 years old and ICP Pastor. She reported having an inoperable tumor behind her right eye for the past 6 years. I prayed for her 4-5 times. 

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Tumor in Woman's Neck Goes!

After prayer with a young boy,  I stood up and stretched and saw Blaine out of the corner of my eye.  He looked at me and motioned for me to come over to him where he was praying for a woman.  

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