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Woman's Vision Clears & Blessing Follows

This was probably the most incredible healing that I witnessed during our YPI trip. It was one of the first nights we were with Global (forget which night, I am writing my testimonies post-trip), and we were in healing prayer.


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Effects of Stroke & Throat Pain Healed

During ministry time at the end of the evening healing session led by Tom Jones, I gave a word of knowledge about throat pain and trouble swallowing. Afterwards, I prayed for a few people who came for healing. The first was a lady who had had a stroke and since then had wooziness and dizziness in her mental alertness and vision.

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Vision, Hearing & Body Pain!

A woman came up for prayer with a look of desperation. She had poor vision, poor hearing, and pain throughout her body. Her daughter also was having many problems at work with co-workers. 

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Woman in Her Mid-20’s Has Sight Restored!

I had the same word of knowledge as this morning, “blindness or vision problems that can’t be corrected with eyeglasses”. A number of people came forward and got in line for prayer. After a few others, the next one in line was Carol.

Categories: Testimonies, October GSSM Brazil 2016, Physical Tags: Vision problems


Very Poor Vision Restored to Normal!

I prayed for a young woman named Amanda, who was wearing glasses and said her vision problem was at “9 degrees”. Basically when she took her glasses off, she could only see me as a figure before her. I was not even two feet from her.

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2016, Physical Tags: Vision problems

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