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Deliverance, Voice Recovered

Francis had a strong pain in her neck and she lost her voice. After prayer she fell to the floor, she got up. I asked about the pain and she told me she wanted to throw up as the pain worsened.  I felt that she needed deliverance. When I started to do the deliverance, the pain in her neck disappeared and she recovered her voice immediately.

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Voice Restored 100%

I was blessed to pray for a pastor who had problems with his voice after suffering a small stroke and heart attack. It was difficult for him to speak on his own. After praying for this man he told me his voice was 100% improved. His wife had brought him to me for prayer so she could speak on his behalf.

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Honduras 2011: Voice Restored

During prayer time during the evening church service, a woman approached stating she had completely lost her voice at work as a teacher. After praying blessings over her career and her love for children and praying for healing and health, God totally restored her voice and touched her heart.

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