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Holy Spirit Creates a Domino Effect

Marcia was holding 7 month old Emanuel.   She had pain in both wrists at a high level of pain. Her baby was crying, so a friend took the baby.  Marcia's wrist pain, which had been going on for three months and she had a hard time holding her baby, was healed progressively over 10-20 minutes. After she reported the pain completely gone, before I left I asked her if there was anything more she wanted prayer for.  She wanted to be able to lay hands on people and pray for healing for others.  The Holy Spirit creates a domino effect.  Praise the Lord.

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Prayer Heals a Woman Who Had a Condition that Doctors Had No Cure

A middle-aged woman who had been bitten by a mosquito six months prior and had developed chronic painful joints to both hands, fingers, knee and hip joints. She also complained of associated swelling and inflammation to her abdomen.

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Mary’s Back and Intestinal Infection

Mary, 60, asked me to pray for the chronic pain in her back and for an intestinal infection which was not responding to treatment. First, I commanded the back pain to leave in Jesus’ name. The pain had diminished by 50%, so I prayed again and the back pain left her. 

Categories: Testimonies, September Brazil 2016, Physical Tags: chronic pain, intestinal infection