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Bringing the Love of Jesus to Addicts

Today we went to a street in Medellin, Columbia where there were about 25 homeless crack addicts. They were like the walking dead. All were high and some people were sleeping, most were dirty and unkempt. I have never seen such a sad and pathetic condition of human beings. Interesting enough we talked to many of them (except for the one passed out). We asked them if they wanted prayer for any physical ailment.

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Former Addict Rededicates Life to Jesus

Paula and I prayed for a woman who had previously been an addict and had lost everything. She had now been clean for some years from drugs, but she had not returned to God, at least to church, even though she wanted to. Something always stopped her.

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Man Delivered and Healed of Drug Addiction & Effects of Black Magic

This morning a man came up to the front in response to a word of knowledge. He had chest and heart pains because of things he had been involved with such as drug abuse and black magic. 

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18 Years of Addiction Broken, Sense of Smell Restored & New Lungs Created

A young man, Jorge, came and wanted his drug addiction to stop. He had been using cocaine for 18 years. He had heard the testimony on Wednesday from Jo and he wanted that. Through the interpreter I found out he had had no sense of smell for 18 years.

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Brazil - Man with Addictions Touched, Headaches Healed

"Had a young man come up and say that he had been addicted to drugs for several years and wanting prayer. I prayed for around two minutes and he began shaking and praying in tongues. I asked him (through the translator) how he felt, and he smiled and said that he had never felt so free or so full of joy. A man had his chronic headaches healed."

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