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Man With Multiple Sclerosis & Deafness Totally Healed!

In Anapolis, Brazil, three of us prayed for a man in a wheelchair. He had multiple sclerosis. As we prayed, Holy Spirit came upon him and he started getting feeling in his forearms and hands which he had not had before.

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Multiple Sclerosis Healed; Canes Left Behind

At Christ Church Peckham I was walking back into the main worship area after impartation to pastors, their spouses and church staff when a woman stepped up to me using two canes. She laid down her canes and asked me to pray for her. I found out her name was Mary and she had multiple sclerosis (MS).

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Multiple Sclerosis From Birth Healed

I prayed for NaNa. She had multiple sclerosis on her whole right side since birth, which caused that side to be weak. We prayed for release of strength in right side. As she walked each time after prayer, she felt heat and the right side got stronger. At the end she said she felt 100% strength in right side of her body.

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Teen Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis Healed

A girl about 13 or 14 came up to me. She seemed somewhat frightened (she had fear on her but there also courage present). She said she sometimes fell down and they would put her in a wheel chair.

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Multiple Sclerosis healed in Las vegas, NV

My husband and I attended the Holy Spirit Conference at International Church of Las Vegas on Wednesday, August 1, 2007.  I was anticipating an awesome night of prayer, worship and speaker who I new little about, but my friends were very enthusiastic about receiving a good message from, Randy Clark.  The night started as I had expected with worship, prayer and prophesy.  When it was time for the message from Randy Clark it was past 9pm and he made us well aware of the time but if we committed to staying for the whole message of what God was having him bring to us we would not be disappointed!

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