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The Blind Will See

We had a woman come for prayer that had lost sight in her left eye years ago. (Our translator was actually a catcher and his English was limited.) She had gone to the doctor and they had told her that they did not hold out much hope for her eye but went ahead and scheduled surgery before the end of December.  I prayed for her and had her break agreement with fear and hopelessness and canceled the diagnosis. I released life, abundant life and healing to her eye.  I had her check it out by placing her hand over her good eye and she reported she could see a little light!  We shared with her how important celebrating what Jesus is doing is so we celebrated together.  There was another team member there, Julie, so she prayed for her eye.  After Julie prayed the lady reported improvement and we all celebrated what Jesus was doing!  There was a third team member, Nancy, there and she prayed a third prayer over the lady’s eye.  When the lady covered her good eye again she could see clearly with the eye that had been blind and read the lyrics that were projected on the screen at the other end of the church! Hallelujah Jesus!  

Valerie M, Healing Rooms Director

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