The Holy Spirit Delivers a Woman and Sets her Free

After the morning session, a girl asked me to come and pray for her friend. She took me to the back of the auditorium where a girl was lying on the floor. She was mumbling or chanting something I couldn’t hear. She appeared to be in pain and she was rubbing her legs and feet. Her friend said she hasn’t seen her do this before. During the service she just dropped to the floor and became unresponsive in this way. It appeared to be a demonic manifestation.

I quietly repeated over her, ‘In Jesus name you must submit.’ After a short time she stopped chanting. I commanded her to open her eyes in Jesus name. Immediately she opened her eyes, sat up and looked straight at me. I asked her name and she replied Karen. I asked what she had been experiencing and she began crying uncontrollably. I heard her say something about darkness but couldn’t understand. I asked if her legs were hurting her. She said yes. I commanded the pain and any afflicting spirit to leave in Jesus name. She calmed and said she was now comfortable.

We moved Karen to a chair at the front of the auditorium. I talked with her briefly asking about herself. She assists with children’s ministry and is she is very artistic. I had a thought to ask her if there was anyone who had hurt her who she needed to forgive. She began crying again. I just prayed quietly in tongues. She did begin to speak forgiveness over a number of people. At some point during this Stephanie joined us. Stephanie asked her to forgive herself and she did. We prayed over her commanding the spirit of unforgiveness to leave and breaking off lies and curses in Jesus name. We invited the Holy Spirit to fill all the voids. She was very responsive. When we blessed her with joy she laughed and laughed. We left her to spend time with the Holy Spirit.

Craig M, Missionary

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