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photo of Bob Hazlett speaking at Voice of the Prophets

The Keys to a Powerful Inheritance

We all want to live out the fullness of God’s call on our lives, but often we try to skip over the formative times in life. God wants to take us into the quiet place to forge our identity so that we can sustain the destiny on our lives.

Sometimes we’re not walking in our destiny because we don’t believe what God has already spoken to us. In this video, Bob Hazlett speaks at Voice of the Prophets. Bob’s personal story of being thrust into a new season is a great lesson for all of us. The call of God on our lives will track us down. We always have a choice to make: to receive what God says or to resist. The key is to position ourselves as a son or daughter. It’s a place of identity, of rest, of an internal posture toward God. It’s a submission to what God says in how we view ourselves and our lives.

We have to get our identity from God, otherwise our inheritance can destroy us — remember Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son! When there’s co-working among the generations, however, it brings blessing. If we position ourselves as daughters and sons, we will see the hearts of spiritual mothers and fathers turn toward us.

Identity Precedes Inheritance

Private worship brings public power. In the quiet places, alone with God, we find what forges our identity. It’s there we are called, empowered, and made strong. We must embrace the lessons of relationship, obedience, stewardship, community, service. Destiny and inheritance are tied to the relationships in we have and it’s there where our inner life with God is tested, tried, made true.

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