The Light Triumphs Over Darkness

At one of the church services while we were praying for people, I noticed a young lady off to the side in the front row. She had red dyed hair and small tattoos that seemed to me to have an occult meaning. She had an angry, distant look on her face as she stared straight ahead. I thought that she would ask me to leave right away, but I asked her anyway if she would like prayer for anything. The Spanish interpreter asked her a few times, but she didn’t respond in any way. She just kept staring straight ahead. I then learned that she had someone with her that took her to church that night. This person had tears in her eyes and said it was O.K. for me to pray for her. I began by speaking the truth of who she was in Jesus over her. I told her that Jesus loved her and that she was His treasured possession. I also began quietly breaking off curses in her life and commanded any demonic influences to leave her. She began to weep. After praying for her, I talked with her for some time and finally asked her if she was willing to give up her old life and to accept Jesus as her new Lord and Savior. She joyfully said “yes”. I lead her in a salvation prayer. When we finished, she started hugging her friend that took her as well as myself and the Spanish interpreter. Praise God!   – Anthony, Computer Programmer/Analyst

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