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The Lord Heals Asthma and Bronchitis

Two girls came up for prayer together. Natalia had asthma and Carole had asthma and bronchitis. They both had residue in their lungs when breathing. I prayed for Natalia commanding healing in the lungs, for residue to leave, and for full breaths, inviting the Holy Spirit to come and fill her lungs. Natalia said when I invited the Holy Spirit into her lungs she felt a rush of air through her lungs, and she was 80% better. After more prayer she was 100% healed. I then asked Natalia to help pray for Carole. I prayed for Carole and she said her nose is normally plugged up but it was now completely clear. We prayed some more and she was 100% healed.

Minosha C, Aerospace Engineer

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