The Love of God Brings Peace

During pre-service prayer for the sick, I prayed for Anne for hearing, eyesight and breathing problems. Anne said that she couldn’t do what God wanted her to do unless she was healed. I prayed, “Come Holy Spirit,” and began to command Rheumatoid arthritis to go in her knees.

I stopped and asked what going on. She told me that nothing was happening. She went on to tell me that the pain started to come and move when she came to the church. I suspected an afflicting spirit and began to pray against it. Still nothing happened. After several times of praying, I asked my roommate, Gimyana to join me. Gimyana talked with her and explained very lovingly that she did not see herself as loved. I had Gimyana ask her about her relationship with her father. She said it had been a very good relationship. Gimyana asked her if she would allow me to hug her and give her some love. She agreed. As I was hugging her, I asked about her relationship with her mother. She said it was not as good as with her father. We asked her if she was willing to forgive her mother. She did and then I asked if I could hug her with a mother’s love. She agreed to this. We then prayed for her knees to have normal bones with new cartilage and ligaments. We stopped and asked how she was doing. She said her knee felt better. We thanked God for the improvement. We prayed again praying the same thing. We checked with her and now she had less pain and only some clicking. We prayed again for the clicking to cease. We finally stopped praying although she wasn’t fully healed physically of all her issues. When she said again that she had to be completely healed before God could use her, I felt God was saying that her healing would be completed as she went about praying for others and told her what I was hearing. As I looked into her face I saw a change in her countenance.
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