The Woman Who Needed to be Seen

; I got a picture of a woman’s face and she looked sad and God told me she needed to be seen. This picture was obviously hard to describe to the group, but I described her as a young woman with dark curly hair with most of it pulled back (at the time I forgot to tell the group I had seen her with bags around her). At the mall, within 10 minutes I saw the woman working behind a till at an electronic store (which explained the bags). Our group’s interpreter approached her and said there were some Christian women from North America on a mission trip that were hoping to speak with her on her break. Her sad face actually lit up a bit and she agreed to meet us on her break in 20 minutes. When she was able to meet, I told her God had shown me a picture of her face and that He told me she was sad and needed to be seen. She started crying. For the past week, she had been depressed and anxious and it was preventing her from sleeping properly. She explained she had grown up in a Christian home but had walked away and was doing bad things. That morning she woke up and was listening to rock music when suddenly a Christian song came on and it had been one of her favorites when she was young. That made her cry and she wondered what it meant and then we showed up at her work. We talked about how God was chasing after her to get her back and pursue her, like the shepherd in the parable of the lost sheep. She said she felt so amazed that God would send us to her. We asked if she wanted to give her life back to Christ and she said yes so, we walked her through a prayer she could pray. -Lindsay, Promotions

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