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Three Ladies Healed: Two with Shoulder Pain, One with Headache

I prayed for a few people without Interpreter and they were blasted. I also prayed for inner healing for them. Near end Blaine asked people to put their hands up if they were still waiting for prayer. There were two ladies who had their hands up. The first lady pointed to her shoulder and I asked her on a scale 1 to 10 how painful it was. She said ‘10’. I started praying for her and could feel heat on my hands. As I continued to pray she went down in the Spirit.

I then prayed for her friend who was pointing to her head, I asked how much pain she had. She said an 8. I started pray and took authority over stress and worry and she then went down in the Spirit.

The first lady was up, and I asked her how much pain she had. She made the zero sign. I got her to move her arms around and she was able to freely move it. Praise Jesus.

Then there was a third lady who also had shoulder and neck pain and had a 10 in pain level. I prayed for her and had to do a short pray because the team was summoned to the bus. I prayed and could sense the Lord doing something. I asked her how much pain. She moved her arm around and then nodded and said it had gone. The lady with the headache got up and said her headache was 100% gone too. Praise Jesus! Great way to end our first day of ministry! – Raj 

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